Monday, February 22, 2010

Easten is WALKING!!

Easten in walking....yep, he started just before he turned 11 months!! Brady was around the same age! It's sooo fun, it was the night of the Superbowl and we had some friends over, he was after this one toy that moves and he was on the go!! He never looked back, he walks like crazy!! It's not that he can just walk, HE'S RUNNING and holding boxes too!! He has just gotten so big! He will be ONE on the 9Th of March and it kind of makes me sad....he's not my baby anymore!!

Brady and him have so much fun together (that is when Brady's not pounding on him) but I guess that's what big brother's are for! We tell Brady that he has to be nice and that he's lucky he has a brother to play with, and that when Easten get's a little bigger he is going to get REVENGE!! So watch out!! It's fun having boys....I Love them so much!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

ChRiStMaS (better late then never, right??)

Christmas was great this year! We were suppose to go to Utah, but we thought we would stay here with what was going on with the whole H1N1! So my mom came up instead! It was fun having her here! Brady was sick for chirstmas he had the flu, not very fun. He thru up twice down stairs the day before christams eve and then on christmas eve he thru up in his bed. Poor little guy. He was so good about it, didn't even cry or anything. It's not so much fun when your little one is sick, but we got through it and he was feeling better christmas day! The boys were so fun this year! Brady wanted Mack and McQueen, and Brady said Easten wanted a Tractor, so that's what Santa brought!! We were suppose to go into Winnipeg Christmas eve to stay with Taras's family but it was storming and Brady was sick so we decided not to go. We celebrated Christmas with Taras's family on the 27th! So we still had two Christmas's! The boys sure did get spoiled, they do ever year! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to see what Santa brings this year! :)
(the picture are out of order sorry)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boys Pictures

So back in September I had the boys picture's taken on the farm! It was such a great day! They did so well, and whatever Easten was doing for his picture Brady wanted to get right in there! BOYS!! He was good though, they both were! Thanks again Tami for everything!! Your the best! There is still lots to come, I have been a total slacker and way busy with a few things...I will let you all know very soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Easten's Dr. Appt

So Easten had his 6 months shots last friday! He did GREAT he didn't even cry on the first one, he looked at me and then the nurse...and that was it. Then on the second one he cried cause that one stings! See here they only do 2 shots, but they have all the stuff that you get in the states it's just all within those 2 shots!! Much more easier....anyways he has done so well, still sleeping through the night, it's like he never even had them!! Thanks Nicole, your soo good!!

He is a 22lbs and 13oz, almost 23lbs and is 28 inches long!! He's in the 95th percentile for his weight and 85th for his height!! He's going to be a big boy just like daddy! He is almost crawling, he scoots...and gets his one arm under him and away he goes! He gets up but hasn't quiet figured it out....any day now! He is such a happy baby and is so good...never cry's unless he's hungry or tired and even then it's not really a cry!! We love you monkey!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Summer & Fall

Wow I can't believe how far behind I am!! Where to start!! So my Mom, Grandma, Aunt Pam, Cousin Allie and Sister where here the start of Sept.! We had a blast we did so much! It was Taras's Birthday on the 11th and Brady's was the 12th!! He turned TWO! I know I can't believe it either! It was fun to have them here the celebrate! We started harvest when they were here so my Aunt, Allie & Granny got to see it!

Shauna flew in on Labor Day so we went into Winnipeg to pick her up! And I was ready to do some shopping....only thing was there was NO STORES OPEN!! Seriously, my family was like WOW! I was not happy I needed to get Brady a bike for his birthday and Taras a tool box!! So oh well, we got shauna and my mom was like Hun your tire seems a little low? OK we'll go get gas and put some air in it! Oh no as I'm putting air in, the damn air valve POPS OFF!! And my tire is flat with in secs! I was like great now WHAT!! And I couldn't go and get it fixed anywhere cause everything was CLOSED!! I was not happy AT ALL!! It was a good thing we were at a gas station, so me and shauna go inside and ask if anything I mean anything is open and tells the guy what has happened, he says nothing is open, I can call a tow truck? Fine. So he does and this guy comes and is like wow I haven't changed a tire in like 30 years! WHAT?! Well he's no good, at all, and can't get my spare off! I'm calling Taras telling him what's happened and he says tell him to cut it off and put the spare on...I tell this to the guy and he calls in to see who has cutters. He tells me that someone will be here soon! It's already been like an hour and were like 2 1/2 hrs from home. So this guy comes and he was like the best!! Man did he know his stuff!! All in all he got my spare off and put it on!! Thanks Kevin!! He was a life saver!! We sure were laughing about it on the way home!! It only took 2 hrs to do it!

Then the day they left we all went to the pumpkin patch!! We had so much fun, it was so hard to say good bye and go our own ways. Thanks guys for coming here and helping out with everything!! Love and miss you all...xoxo!

Easten is 7 months and is healthy as a horse! He is 22 lbs and is as happy as can be! He has his two bottom teeth it's so cute when he smiles and you can see them!! He is such a great baby and we could not be any happier that he is in our family!! He is just about to crawl...I told Taras that he will be crawling by the end of this we'll see! He loves brady and is always laughing at him! He likes Bauer too!! He will sit and watch him, and laughs when he walks by, it's so cute!!

Grandma milking the cow!!

So the night of Taras' b-day Brady would close his eyes and say
"Dad Brady gone driving choo choo Train" we were laughing so hard!!

From time to time I would find granny & aunt pam sleeping....I know it's so relaxing when you come I took this pic!! Don't be mad guys!! xoxo
Tire problem!!

Brady sleeping while this was going on!!

Harvest time!!

Granny and Uncle Leo!
Daddy, Aunt Pam and Brady!!

Brady kept putting this baby kitten in the water...we were laughing!